Since starting the Pilates for Golfers classes six months ago, I've noticed some positive changes in my body and my golf game. My posture has improved, the bulges seem to be shrinking, my drives are going further, and I can definitely turn more easily in my swing. I love how the exercises relate specifically to golf - a great motivating factor.

Jack Moe

I have been doing Pilates for Golfers for 6 months and just walked my first 18 holes in 2 years. I'd been in too much pain to walk the course until now.

I can't believe how much more mobility I have in my rotation. I wish I had started Pilates years ago.

Belinda is an organised, well trained and most competent instructor. The classes are small, and she is careful and attentive. She is very aware of individual needs or injuries, and always able and willing to customise or change an exercise accordingly. On top of all this, Pilates for Golfers is fun as well as beneficial!

I really enjoy Belinda's classes. In her bright, happy manner she explains each exercise clearly and how it can help our golf swing. I have been attending her classes for over a year and will continue to do so to remain golf fit.

Since starting Pilates 8 months ago I have taken 4 shots off my game and am now back in single figures.